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There is no problem that can not be solved, with a little courage, teamwork and determination
anyone can overcome any problems.

Our company is quite experienced in providing the manpower needed by the core company to meet the quality standards of labor.

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Company's service users can focus on Business Core without having to interfere in matters of employment on the basis of the Regulation of the Minister of Labour.

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Our company is ready to assist and provide appropriate solutions to provide Manpower quality, ready to work, responsible and professional.

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Basically, the conduct of business and the government of the 21st century do business with minimizing the risk and eliminate any existing barriers. In the national and international trade between countries, business competition is increasing both the intensity, quality and capacity.

Therefore, the business person looking for a way to survive in the competitive of era globalization by increasing the efficiency of labor and its productivity.

One of the most effective ways efficiency in this era of globalization, according to the Indonesian government is the implementation of the Employment Act No. 19 of 2012, ie with the application of the delivery system implementation work on a third party (contract of work) which is very relevant in helping the business performance of the company in the current business era.

Contract of work system is one of the daily tasks delegated managerial system on a third party, thus cost efficiency is controlled. This system helps businesses in the face of the current economic climate is that sometimes it is less profitable. Among them is the issue of employment systems.

With the contract of work of this system businessman can directly concentrate on main business, without having to be burdened by the problems of employment details.

Advantages of contract of work systems in our company, PT. CATUR MULIA MANDIRI is the emphasis on quality of service work and optimal management and comprehensive to partners.


Is a Labor Company Supplier & Outsourcing and contract of work which is engaged in the service:

• Production Support
• Packing
• Security Service
• Cleaning Service
• Office Boy
• Driver
• Mechanical
• Logistic/Loading
• Administration
• Receptionist
• Sales Promotions
• Landscaping

Business support HR

Yanti Novalin, SE.
Yanti Novalin, SE.

Financial management in PT. Catur Mulia Mandiri managed by a professional team of human resources, reliable & responsible for the continuity of operational cash flow.

Hikma Nurmalasari, SE.
Hikma Nurmalasari, SE.

The fast of service in the payment of the employees' rights and responsibilities performance and loyalty to the company drive employees more consistent and constant.


Our department working target is disciplining employees who will cause a positive synergy to increase company productivity.

Yulian Caesar Putra, SH.
Yulian Caesar Putra, SH.

By Planning, Mapping, Application Systems, Conditioning and implementation of work (5P) on the object, can achieve the goal of providing the "Excellent Service".

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